About Oils for Paws

Our Story

Since our first days on social media, Oils for Paws has grown as demand grew. Developed in Geelong, Victoria all our products were originally created to help George, my rescue boy.

Although in pretty good condition now, George has a few ongoing issues with foliculitis, hotspots and skin inflammation due to lengthy neglect and skin trauma before he was rescued. 

After finding that many of the store bought products made his itching worse, and flea treatments seemed to burn him, I started experimenting with the essential oils and all natural ingredients for shampoo - after all, if the oils help me why shouldn't they help him? And the shampoo leaves him feeling and looking fabulous!

Over time I also found that while he would still get the occasional hotspot or itchy dry patch, and the moisturising healing balm would help. 

Lots of research to work out what was safe, what worked and what didn't, as well as lots of experimenting with formulas and the products for sale through Oils for Paws were born.