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Why Calm Down Dog works!

Calm Down Dog was originally created for my adopted dog Molly. A Maltese cross, Molly has always been a super-needy pup. Demanding time, attention and refusing to obey commands, in part through inconsistent training in her early life, but also just her personality.

When I adopted Molly, she was demanding of all my time, attention and refused to settle, even at night. She would wake at 3am and demand that I play with her… not happening!

So once again, I figured, if essential oils work for humans I wonder if they’ll work for her. I researched what I could use to help calm her and help focus her attention, and came up with the blend I now call Calm Down Dog. So called, because that’s what I used to say to her… over and over again… "will you Calm Down Dog!"

The blend used in Calm Down Dog is diluted in a good quality carrier oil, fractionated coconut oil. Essential oils absolutely need to be diluted for animals, kids and even adults to ensure their safe absorption without causing irritation or toxicity. Dogs, cats and small children are very susceptible to the effects and to side effects of essential oils.

Lavender is one of the safest oils to use with your dog, but even that must be diluted to be safe. As one of the oils in the Calm Down Dog blend, Lavender is effective for calming moods for dogs and humans alike.

When Molly is wound up and wont settle, or is licking the air constantly, or even nuisance barking, I hold her still, and rub a little of the roller blend on the inside of the ear flap (staying away from the actual ear and canal). I rub this in gently and wait for her to calm down – which she always does. Using Calm Down has made life much more pleasant with far less stress between a very excitable and stressful dog and myself.

Please note: The Calm Down Dog blend is not for use on cats.

And as always, discontinue use of an oil if your pet shows signs of distress, drooling, squinting, rubbing their face, vocalization, shaking, vomiting, or diarrhea

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